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Smarty 3.1.14

Kolejna aktualizacja systemu szablonów smarty! Tym razem została wyana wersja 3.1.14
Polecamy aktualizacje silnika! My właśnie to czynimy w systemie Windu CMS :-)

Całość można pobrać ze strony projektu: http://www.smarty.net/



- bugfix removed PHP 5.5 deprecated preg_replace /e option in modifier capitalize (forum topic 24389)

- fixed spelling in sources and documentation (from smarty-developers forum Veres Lajos)
- enhancement added constant SMARTY::CLEAR_EXPIRED for the change of 26.05.2013 (forum topic 24310)
- bugfix added smarty_security.php to composer.json (Issue 135)

- enhancement an expire_time of -1 in clearCache() and clearAllCache() will delete outdated cache files
  by their individual cache_lifetime used at creation (forum topic 24310)

- bugfix modifier strip_tags:true was compiled into wrong code (Forum Topic 24287)
- bugfix /n after ?> in Smarty.class.php did start output buffering (Issue 138)

- bugfix escape and wordrap modifier could be compiled into wrong code when used in {nocache}{/nocache}
  section but caching is disabled  (Forum Topic 24260)
- bugfix post filter must not run when compiling inheritance child blocks (Forum Topic 24094)
- bugfix after the fix for Issue #130 compiler exceptions got double escaped (Forum Topic 24199)

- bugfix nocache blocks could be lost when using CACHING_LIFETIME_SAVED (Issue #133)
- bugfix Compile ID gets nulled when compiling child blocks (Issue #134)

- bugfix wrong tag type in smarty_internal_templatecompilerbase.php could cause wrong plugin search order (Forum Topic 24028)